Frequently ask Questions

Do you charge homeowners for estimates?
Answer: No. Nor do we feel that you should do business with anyone who does. Homeowners are never charged for an estimate consultation. We insist on absolute honesty and integrity. If you don't need our services we'll be the first to tell you. If you are in need of our services, we'll tell you precisely what we propose to do, how we do it, when we'll do it and the exact cost out of our standard pricing manual. There are no hidden costs. The price we quote is the price you pay.
Is your method complicated?
Answer: No. The logic of our basement waterproofing system is simple. To fully appreciate it, however, you need to understand what is causing your basement to leak. Ask questions until you fully understand.
Does a little or occasional leakage cause foundation problems?
Answer: Not necessarily. Occasional leakage may be caused by a combination of weather conditions and poor drainage around your house. If you have water in your basement after taking ordinary precautions, then it's probably time for you to call us. A wet basement left unattended may cause considerable structural damage over a period of time.

Of course, any type of basement water problem impacts very unfavorably upon the value of you home, to say nothing of it's livability. Our 30 years of experience indicates that most small water problems progressively worsen.

Our basement waterproofing system is designed to eliminate the water pressure around your foundation and from under you floor, effectively removing the source of the basement leakage problems.
Why can't I just repair the cracks and put liquid sealer on the walls?
Answer: It simply isn't effective. We would not do it under any circumstances and neither should you. Fortunately, this unsuccessful method is rarely used today.
A waterproofer tells us that they will bury drainage pipe around the outside of our house approximately 2 feet deep in order to stop some of the water before it reaches the basement. Isn't this a good idea?
Answer: The waterproofers that use this method, install a corrugated draintile "Where Accessible" Sounds good, unless you have a driveway, deck or front porch. Hey folks, you have to use some common sense when comparing systems. Every waterproofing company should be concerned with the footer drains. A good salesperson can sell you on the idea, but it isn't effective at all.
What do I have to do to get your company down to the lowest price?
Answer: Nothing! We don't play price games. We use a standardized price list. We encourage you to help our consultant arrive at the price when he visits your home. Our promise of honesty and integrity is much more than just empty words. We will provide you with a permanently dry basement and back that up with a "Lifetime Warranty"....all at a competitive price.
Will your system enhance the value of our home?
Answer: Positively! If you sell your house, you can offer a clean, dry basement with a "Lifetime Warranty. Money spent for a permanently dry basement will pay off in an immediate increase in the market value of your home greater than the money spent.

The large investment in a home dictates that you protect your investment. It also makes sense to utilize the square footage of you basement. It's the least expensive area for you to improve.
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